Code Review Process

Understand what is going on in the Code Review workflow to improve quality and optimize engineer collaboration.


Get meaningful insights from JonnyGit for a better Code Review Process

Systems that work heavily on coding applications are often overwrought with lines and paragraphs of syntactical and contextual language that can be tough to understand to the average pair of eyes.

Even more cumbersome and tiring is the process of debugging and looking for errors in the source code whenever some pesky errors arrive, or the results don’t match the expected output.

Why use JonnyGit to improve Code Review?

Make sure you clearly understand who is reviewing which code at any point in your software development life cycle. 

With JonnyGit you can now manage review work load and utilize your resources in the most efficient way. 

Understanding the impact of each commit and sprint on your system architecture allows you to be more proactive and mitigate risk. 

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