Daily Stand-up Meeting

Discover where yesterday’s work focus went, what today’s tasks are and which issues block you to accomplish the goals.

Should usually take place at the same time and place every working day

The daily stand-up meeting are usually 15-minute standing scrum meeting. The scrum daily standup is a fantastic tool that lets its participants get to work more efficiently.

Everyone approaches the Daily Stand-Up Meeting differently. And that’s okay too. The important thing is that efficiency and the right priorities are always the top priority. The process should be discussed in the meeting. In-depth discussions on content should be avoided.

Quickly identify potential difficulties

These three questions help the team members to get clarity about what tasks have been completed and what remains to be done. Important: This should be about upcoming tasks and any obstacles that may arise in completing them. The focus of the Daily Stand-Up Meeting is therefore on the last two questions. 

The team should quickly identify potential difficulties. This way, the individual is not unnecessarily delayed. Perhaps one of the other participants can simply provide assistance. An example from a stand-up meeting of a marketing team would be: “I have to create a graphic in Adobe Illustrator, but I’m not yet good with the software. Who can help me with that?” In every marketing team, there is someone who can handle the Adobe package well. This is a quick way to get this obstacle out of the way.

Why using JonnyGit for better Daily Stand-Up Meetings?

We simplify your daily stand-ups by already showing you what your team achieved yesterday and during the sprint and if the focus of your team is still on track. 

Stop interrupting your developers for updates. With JonnyGit you always have your finger on the pulse of software development. 

Each day in software development should be linked to progress. One thing that often gets neglected though is the impact on the technical debt of my system. 

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