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JonnyGit helps establish trustworthy and transparent relationships with software development outsourcing providers through advanced git-data analytics. 

We help companies to establish a trustful relationship to outsourced software development teams and engineers

JonnyGit is the data solution for leaders and members of software development teams which provides behavioral insights from Git to improve team collaboration and system stability.

Outsourcing your software development is not a black box anymore

You can stop wasting your time, trying to figure out, what your engineers do. JonnyGit supports and improves the relationship between clients, contractors and engineers in Software Development Outsourcing with data. 

How we help to achieve a trustful relationship?

Understand your product investment

Use the Team Growth & Stability report to understand how many resources are deployed in a project and how it influences your continuous delivery.

Large-scale software projects are more than technical problems that need to be solved. Software development process is also a social activity. Coding involves social interactions with team members & managers. The more people involved, the more social biases appears, which requires additional communication and coordination to reduce process loss in growing development teams.

While the number of engineers & team constellation changes weekly or per sprint. We provide you a dashboard, where you can quickly see how team changes impact your output/productivity over time.

JonnyGit Active-Engineers-Graph
JonnyGit Report Project and Task Focus

Trying to do more than one thing at a time kills the productivity.

The decision about Multi- or Single-Tasking is the key importance for the team. Multi-Tasking is the antithesis of agile and it’s destroying your productivity, leads to more complexity, losing time and increases stress and discontent of your team members.

JonnyGit provides you with an easy understandable view of projects- and tasks-switching within a sprint and the ability of engineers to focus on single projects and single tasks.

Manage software development effectively

Receive instant overview on your software development and all deployed resources. Use the historical view of your engineering metrics to discover unknown behavioural and coding patterns. 


Accountability relies on seeing and measuring first. With JonnyGit you can now discover the importance and the role of each team member for your software development organization. 

For a good performance review you need to understand your drivers and barriers for higher performance. Use the data you already have to increase velocity of your software development team. 

Understanding how my knowledge is one thing, but as a manager of high-performing teams you need to know which areas need improvement and which team members can I ask to fix it. 

See it for yourself

Receive insights into the performance of your last 12 months with our 30 days free trial. 

You're in good hands

Secure by design

Enterprise-grade security is built into our products by default.

World-class support

We are a dedicated team and the 24/7 support for you and your team is guaranteed.

Regulatory compliance

Built for international laws and regulations, including GDPR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jonny Git addresses the stakeholders of software projects, especially CTOs, VPEs, directors, engineering managers and team leaders. Basically, it is for anyone who needs a solid basis for decision-making in software projects and no longer wants to rely on subjective partial assessments.

Managers tend to lose sight of the big picture when their teams are scaling up or when dealing with complex development structures such as remote work or working with vendors.

At the same time, our solution has dedicated functionalities for software developers who would like to improve their own efficiency.

Schedule a demo with us today and see for yourself first-hand.

This is a fairly common question, and although we detect malicious patterns in your system, we are not a static code analysis tool. 

Jonny Git allows you to go beyond that single line of code and understand the big picture of your daily work and its outcome. With Jonny Git you can now uncover refactoring targets based on code behavior and deal with even greater risks like knowledge loss. 

With our free trial version you already get a thorough analysis of your system and an analysis of your development patterns. Convince yourself.

We are expanding our ecosystem of supported development environments and currently, we support GitHub (Cloud and Enterprise), GitLab (Cloud and Enterprise) and Bitbucket (Cloud and Server). 

And even if your git infrastructure is behind a firewall, we will be able to connect to your codebase. 

We will be shortly adding JIRA as a data source along with insights that combine your git activities and your project management activities. Contact us here to be informed as soon as it is ready to go. 

Yes, it’s highly recommended that you explore Jonny Git’s insights within Retros, as they will already show you whether you can improve in terms of focus, review flow, and commit culture. We’ll even show you how the sprint affected the entire product to help you assess the need for a refactoring sprint. 

Most of our customers go even further and use Jonny Git in dailies to show what happened yesterday. 

JonnyGit works with every programming language out there as we are language agnostic. As long as you use git as your source code management system you will receive valuable insights into your coding practice and system development. 

Currently, Jonny Git is available as a SaaS solution but we have it on our roadmap and on-premises deployments will be available soon. Contact us to be informed as soon as it is ready to go. 

We are very aware that your time is precious, so we are very interested in offering you a lean onboarding. You will need to provide us with access to your codebase and information on your sprints. We will then set up your workspace and even offer you a free consultation based on your own data. 

In our free trial, you will get insights into one project with multiple repositories from the last 12 months. Essentially, you get a comprehensive analysis of what went well and what can be improved, straight from the trial. We are confident that you will enjoy remaining up to date on how your team is progressing. 

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