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Optimize your Performance Review meetings with JonnyGit. Get valuable insights of your engineers output for a better and effectively one-on-one meeting.

Performance Review - a Management Topic

If  you don’t have levels and expectations clearly defined for developers, this will block you to conduct fair performance review meetings. If you’re a manager, make it your job to fix this and put together a system that will generate trust,  motivate your team members and lead towards a common goal. Here are some great three observations about performance review meetings from Gergely Orosz.

The main reasons for performance reviews are the following:

Meaningful Feedback

Too few engineering managers put meaningful time into writing performance reviews that have feedback of substance. 

What managers need to do is to conduct an evaluation from a quantitative viewpoint to accumulate indicators and then use this to ask the right questions. This will allow managers to move top-down starting at general metrics but then uncover the exact measures and goals that will help software developers achieve high-performance. 

Hold everyone accountable

Mika Liss, COO of the Neuroscience Leadership Institute said in an Interview: "In the workplace, we want to see that we’re all held accountable" (Read more on Accountability here)

When we are called to account and when we see that others are also called to account, it satisfies our need to feel that we are being treated similarly to others. It's essential to make sure that the results your developers are achieving provide more motivation and momentum. Make sure that people and teams are focused on what gets things done and the goals are achieved.

The quantitative recognition of achievements is just as important as the qualitative. It is therefore absolutely necessary that managers always look at the performance of an employee from both perspectives.

Why using JonnyGit for better Performance Review Meetings

Accountability relies on seeing and measuring first. With JonnyGit you can now discover the importance and the role of each team member for your software development organization. 

For a good performance review you need to understand your drivers and barriers for higher performance. Use the data you already have to increase velocity of your software development team. 

Understanding how my knowledge is one thing, but as a manager of high-performing teams you need to know which areas need improvement and which team members can I ask to fix it. 

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