Security Process

Your data is valuable to you and safe with us.

Security is a top priority in everything we do.

Your data is in each step truly secured and isolated. To provide you a great product, we only store the least data as possible, and we always let you know beforehand. You choose what to share.

Security at JonnyGit

Full Control

We only ask for essential permissions. 

You choose which repository JonnyGit tracks.

Encrypted Data

We never store the authentication data.

We use temporary token credentials that we refresh frequently.

Only Metadata

We only calculate metrics from metadata.

We never duplicate repositories or store source code.

Safety Cloud

We run on AWS with strict access and industry-leading standards, to manage and secure our application

Secure Data Transfer

We use industry-standard 256-bit SSL (https) encryption for all internet-facing traffic to secure your data in transit.

Your Data

Solid infrastructure

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