Use Software Development Metrics to Make Better Decisions

Receive instant overview on your Software Development process and all deployed resources. Use the historical view of your engineering metrics to discover unknown behavioural and coding patterns. 

Boost transparency and collaboration with software development metrics directly from your git repositories

The lack of transparency means that software development executives can neither increase return on investment nor manage risk or quality. This will ultimately have a strong negative impact on the company’s brand and revenue. 

JonnyGit doesn’t just count lines of code, instead it gives you clear and easy-to-understand dashboards so you can track your processes and progress with the right software development metrics to help you make better decisions and build trust.

Understand your product investment

Use the Team Growth & Stability report to understand how many resources are deployed in a project and how does it influence your continuous delivery.

Large-scale software projects are more than technical problems that need to be solved. Software development process is also a social activity. Coding involves social interactions with team members & managers. The more people involved, the more social biases appears, which requires additional communication and coordination to reduce process loss in growing development teams.

While the number of engineers & team constellation changes weekly or per sprint. We provide you a dashboard, where you can quickly see how team changes impacts your output/productivity over time.

JonnyGit Active-Engineers-Graph
JonnyGit Comit-Culture-Graph

Stop counting line of codes

Make the commit culture of your environment visible with useful software development metrics and understand the working behavior of engineers in a more qualitative way besides quantitative quote.

Go beyond just counting LoC and get the big picture of the complexity and therefore the meaning of work contribution of each engineer.

Bad performance reviews with your software developers can break trust.

We help engineering managers with the KPIs they need, to prepare a more meaningful performance review, One-on-One Meeting and coaching. 

Eliminate guesswork and assumptions

Coach and Managers can compare up to three developers in different software development metrics. The development dynamics dashboard shows the data points for each KPI in the last year based on one time dimension like sprints.

JonnyGit Compare Engineers
JonnyGit Software development metrics per engineer

Engineers KPIs

Engineers have a way to visualize their progress of one or more projects on core metrics and enables them to view their progress at any given time

Manager and coach have a condensed view and report to support them on one-to-one meetings, reviews and coaching.

The long term view of KPIs are based on weeks.

Engineers project involvement

Sometime developers are bound in a constant firUnderstand in which projects and how deep your developers are involved.
JonnyGit Project Focus Report

See it for yourself

Receive insights into the performance of your last 12 months with our 30 days free trial. 

Use Cases

Daily Standup

Discover where yesterday's focus went, what today's tasks are and which issues block you to accomplish the goals.

One on One

Get valuable insights of your engineers output for a better and effective one-on-one meeting

Code Review

Understand what is going on in the code review workflow to improve quality and optimize engineer collaboration.

Customer Stories

To make the right decisions, Jonny Git has defined relevant KPIs to determine whether developers are on the right track or not. We were impressed by how insightful the metrics are and how easy it is to derive the KPIs "only" from the Git repositories.

David Schonebeck Product Strategy Manager
Client Image

As a growing tech company it’s important to us to develop a stable and healthy dev-environment. With Jonny Git I now have a data-driven way to make sure only positive patterns stick and awareness about best-practises is always there.

Matthias Held Head of Development
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