Identify technical debt with git analytics

See the development of your system in real-time and examine the options to increase stability and decrease technical debt.

Building products and managing technical debt is a balancing act for any enterprise.

Discover how your system evolves Commit by Commit, Sprint by Sprint and get action before important parts get broken. A healthy system makes you releasing new product features faster, more predictable and with higher quality.

We provide you powerful visualizations of your system, which allows you easily to see and understand the evaluation, dependency and team knowledge over time. 

Stop guessing

Get recommendations based on insights of your system, to have a better action plan. 

Allow every stakeholder in the decision-making process to understand when and where your system needs refactoring or other measures for decreasing technical debt. 

System Health Report JonnyGIt

Take care of your system health and ensure product health.

By filtering in the system map you can examine and break down the resulting output of your software development. You can filter for files belonging to a specific engineer or filters that have been touched in a specific time period.

Speed up your feature throughput

Over time, the number of new value-added features decreases as the overall system landscape becomes more complex. This makes the coding and review processes slower and slower and technological debt should be eliminated.


See it for yourself

Receive insights into the performance of your last 12 months with our 30 days free trial. 

Use Cases

Daily Standup

Discover where yesterday's focus went, what today's tasks are and which issues block you to accomplish the goals.

One on One

Get valuable insights of your engineers output for a better and effective one-on-one meeting

Code Review

Understand what is going on in the code review workflow to improve quality and optimize engineer collaboration.

Customer Stories

To make the right decisions, Jonny Git has defined relevant KPIs to determine whether developers are on the right track or not. We were impressed by how insightful the metrics are and how easy it is to derive the KPIs "only" from the Git repositories.

David Schonebeck Product Strategy Manager
Client Image

As a growing tech company it’s important to us to develop a stable and healthy dev-environment. With Jonny Git I now have a data-driven way to make sure only positive patterns stick and awareness about best-practises is always there.

Matthias Held Head of Development
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