Velocity in Agile Software Development Teams

Draw the burndown of your dev team and find out the Software Development velocity, to measure the amount of work, your engineering team can tackle during one sprint.


We help agencies and software development teams to increase their efficiency up to 30%.

Without knowing the velocity in agile development teams or projects, leaders of development teams cannot make long-term planning or release planning. Velocity is an important metric used in agile software development to illustrate the “rate of progress” for a team or a set of teams. 

JonnyGit is built to support dev leaders with actionable insights based on facts, to increase the performance of the process for  software creation and with that the velocity of agile teams. 

Dive into feature reviews and get control of time-wasting PRs

See all open, closed and merged pull requests (PR) of your current sprint on one page. JonnyGit enables you to dive into your review process and follow any review activity of each PR on a daily basis.

*The complexity is based on the size and difficulty, taking into consideration the number of lines, and engineers working, different programming languages, external dependency, UI elements, refactored codes and database changes.

JonnyGit Pull Requests Flow
JonnyGit Report Project and Task Focus

Trying to do more than one thing at a time kills your productivity.

The decision about Multi- or Single-Tasking is the key importance for the team. Multi-Tasking is the antithesis of agile and it’s destroying your productivity, leads to more complexity, losing time and increases stress and discontent of your team members.

JonnyGit provides you with an easy understandable view of projects- and tasks-switching within a sprint and the ability of engineers to focus on single projects and single tasks.

Learn from your history to influence your future

JonnyGit provide colorful and easy to read project timelines, to reveal how your project evolved over the project lifetime. This enables you to reconstruct and picture your project happenings and learn how decisions affect your team’s work and output.

Discover in the Coding Focus Timeline the focus of your engineering team while writing code. Get insights of your project and recommendations to action, which helps you to answer questions like:

velocity in agile software development

Understanding velocity in agile development with Brooks Law visualization

Based on Brooks Law idea, you can now simply visualize if “adding more engineering resources to a late software project makes it later” applies to your software development.

Software development is not only handling technical issues. It is also a social activity. Coding involves social interactions with team members & managers. The more people involved, the more social biases appear and require additional communication & coordination effort to reduce process loss in growing development teams.

Our team growth and stability timeline enables you:

Be always on track if things change

If engineers start doing things in an uncommon way it might be because they just start doing things different. But mostly unusual behavior appears when people are struggling with issues and need some support.

We measure unusual behavior with outlier detection on different dimensions.

This feature identifies unusual behavior of engineers and supports you to notice what your team is currently struggling with. Changes can lead to good or bad, but either way, you will always be on track if things change.

JonnyGit Outlier Detection Report

See it for yourself

Receive insights into the performance of your last 12 months with our 30 days free trial. 

Use Cases

Daily Standup

Discover where yesterday's focus went, what today's tasks are and which issues block you to accomplish the goals.

One on One

Get valuable insights of your engineers output for a better and effective one-on-one meeting

Code Review

Understand what is going on in the code review workflow to improve quality and optimize engineer collaboration.

Customer Stories

To make the right decisions, Jonny Git has defined relevant KPIs to determine whether developers are on the right track or not. We were impressed by how insightful the metrics are and how easy it is to derive the KPIs "only" from the Git repositories.

David Schonebeck Product Strategy Manager
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As a growing tech company it’s important to us to develop a stable and healthy dev-environment. With Jonny Git I now have a data-driven way to make sure only positive patterns stick and awareness about best-practises is always there.

Matthias Held Head of Development
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